Sugar & Spice Book Club
Always Reading Somethin' ... And You Got that Right!


  • You may become a member by attending our open house that is held annually in June.
  • Upon joining, you are now committed for One (1) year to participate.
  • There are monthly dues of $20.00. Therefore it should be known that if you do not attend a meeting, you are still responsible for your dues.
  • Upon signing the membership application, you are signing a contract to agree and abide by these rules and can be held liable if you should wish to discontinue your membership.
Members Responsibility
  • Each member must host a scheduled meeting.
  • Each member must bring a dish to the meeting.
  • Members must attend the scheduled meetings.
  • Members are asked to have some level of commitment and participation in the Book Club. Most important, members are required to read the chosen Book of the Month and take part in the book discussions.
  • If member is unable to host their schedule meeting, they must contact coordinator and make other arrangements. There is $25.00 inconvenience fee due to the Book Club.
  • Said member is still responsible for promised dish or $10.00 fee.
  • $3.00 late fee after 15 minute grace period.
  • $3.00 fee for not reading book.

Official Committee
If any member would like to be elected for any position they must be nominated. Each position can be held for one year. If you wish to hold your current position it must be voted on by members. The President can nominate selected members for a position. Let it be known that only the member who is nominated can decline the position. Elections are in the month of November and positions start in January of the New Year.

*Dues may change each year. You may request membership by emailing us at

Sugar & Spice Book Club, Always Reading Somethin' ... And You Got that Right!