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Cyril Gillion (cgmail@cyrilgillion.com)
Date:11/17/2010 7:06:45 PM
Subject:The Other Side of The Pillow

Hi, my name is Cyril Gillion, author of The Other Side of The Pillow. I'm always looking for great bookclubs and would love to have your feedback on my book. Visit my website, www.cyrilgillion.com


Lawren Greene (lawrengreene@gmail.com)
Date:8/18/2009 5:02:32 PM
Subject:Book: Mortally Immortal

Thanks for letting me know about this great book club. I wish this organization all the best in success with it's future. It's more than a needed outlet for emerging Authors!!!

"Mortally Immortal" by Lawren Greene : www.lawrengreene.com


Ty Goode (Tygoode1@aol.com)
Date:7/31/2009 10:29:16 AM

Hello Sugar %26 Spice,
I am just dropping by to show some love! I look forward to your feedback from my latest title: Take It or Leave It. See you guys on the 8th.


Books and Beignets (BAB) Book Club (booksandbeignets@yahoo.com)
Date:7/23/2009 8:57:37 AM

I would like to extend some love to you and say Congratulations for your nomination with the African Ameircan literary Awards Show as Book Club of the Year! Much success to you! - Blessings, Sonya Ward, President, BAB Book Club, Monroe, LA.


Anthony Maurice Brown (AnthonyMauriceBrown37@Yahoo.com)
Date:5/31/2009 5:48:21 PM

Hello Sugar %26 Spice Book Club. I want to thank you for stoping by my table at the Black Book Festival in Houston, TX. Check out my website www.AnthonyMauriceBrown.com.

Much Love From Anthony Maurice Brown


Author: Avery Washington (inspiration@happiepublishing.com)
Date:5/26/2009 12:17:00 PM
Subject:Updated Author Web Site

Hello again sugar and spice , again it was nice meeting you all at the Black Expo. Please check out my new Author Site at www.averywashington.com


Alicia Evans (@aliicia.evans59@yahoo.com)
Date:5/25/2009 5:11:58 PM
Subject:Thank You

Just want to thank all the members that went to Texas. We had a ball and met some wonderful people. To all authors we met it was truly a blessing to meet so many wonderful writers. To all stay Blessed and Positive.


Brian W. Smith, Best Selling Author, Nina's Got A Secret, Mama's Lies-Daddy's Pain, The S.W.A.P. Game (bsmith@hollygrovepublishing.com)
Date:5/20/2009 9:01:38 AM
Subject:Y'all are crazy!!!!!!!!!

Wuz up ladies! It was great meeting all of you at the Black Expo in Houston this past weekend. Y'all better not forget me...especially since your members one all of my prizes and my booth and pissed off all of the other customers...lol Seriously, I really appreciate your support and look forward to meeting with all of you when I come through NYC. Peace!


phillis (pts5596@aol.com)
Date:5/19/2009 5:05:33 PM
Subject:much luv

hey family just wanted to give a shout to all those who went to TEXAS this past weekend . I had a great time . We must do it again. It was a great experience much Luv to my SUGAR %26 SPICE family


Darine D. Davis (darine32@comcast.net)
Date:5/18/2009 4:10:44 PM
Subject:Thank You Thank You Thank You

Thank you for the l-o-v-e shown at the NBBF this past weekend. I would be honored if you chose my book BAYOU DRAMA for your next reading and would walk to New York if I had to in orders to meet and greet you all again! I really enjoyed meeting you all and be on the lookout for my next book WHEN A GOOD MAN GOES BAD - A husband who is misled by lies and deceit gets caught up in too much drama when a simple car accident turns into adultery, larceny, and murder...I pray to be complete with this book within the month so stay tuned... once again thank you and I hope to hear from you guys soon :)


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